Trichloroisocyanuric acid 200g tablets

Short Description:

  • Synonyms: TCCA 90, 1,3,5-Trichloro-2,4,6-triazinetrione, Symclosene, TCICA, Trichlorocyanuric acid
  • Appearance: White tablets and multifunctional tablets
  • Specification: Specification 200g/piece
  • physical properties: flaky
  • CAS number: 87-90-1
  • molecular weight: 232.41
  • Product Detail

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    Effective chlorine content 90.0% min, 87%min
    Moisture content 0.5% max
    Specific gravity 0.95 (light)/1.20 (heavy)
    pH value (1% aqueous solution) 2.6~3.2
    Solubility (25°C water) 1.2g/100g
    Packing 1kg plastic drum, 25kg plastic bag; 1000kg big bag with pallet; 50kg cardboard Bucket; 10kg, 25kg, 50kg plastic bucket (can also be customized according to user requirements)


    1. Trichloroisocyanuric acid can be used for sterilization and disinfection of drinking water and swimming pools; due to its slow dissolution rate, the effective time of the solution is long, especially suitable for swimming
    Disinfection and sterilization of pool water.

    2. Strong chlorine can be used to synthesize detergents, detergents, cleaners and deodorants with disinfection and germicidal effects;

    3. It is used for disinfection, sterilization and deodorization of septic tanks and sewers, and disinfection and sterilization in infectious disease areas and epidemic areas;

    4. Trichlorine can also be used for sterilization and disinfection of animal husbandry, aquatic products, poultry, sericulture and seed plant protection; disinfection, antiseptic and fresh-keeping of fruits and vegetables.

    5. Industry. Used as sewage treatment, chemical raw materials:
    (1) Long-acting sustained-release fungicide is used as anti-algae treatment for industrial circulating water
    (2) Treatment of industrial sewage and domestic sewage
    (3) Used for sterilization treatment of petroleum drilling mud sewage
    (4) Used as bleaching agent and cold bleaching agent in textile industry
    (5) Wool imitation industry as wool and cashmere treatment agent and wool anti-shrinkage agent

    Product storage

    The product should be stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated warehouse, moisture-proof, waterproof, waterproof, fireproof, isolated from fire and heat sources, and prohibited from being mixed with flammable, explosive, spontaneous combustion and self-exploding substances, and not with oxidants. The reducing agent is easy to be mixed and stored with chlorinated and oxidized substances. It is absolutely forbidden to mix and mix with inorganic salts and organic substances containing ammonia, ammonium, and amine, such as liquid ammonia, ammonia water, ammonium bicarbonate, ammonium sulfate, ammonium chloride, and ure.

    Our TCCA 90 200g tablet has the advantages of high bactericidal efficiency, long duration, fast killing of various germs, no residue after dissolving, wide application and stable drug effect, etc., to ensure more efficient results when used.

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    Sodium dichloroisocyanurate dihydrate (1)
    Sodium dichloroisocyanurate dihydrate (3)
    Trichloroisocyanuric acid 200g tablets (4)
    Sodium dichloroisocyanurate dihydrate (4)
    Sodium dichloroisocyanurate dihydrate (2)

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