SDIC Granule Dihydrate Disinfection Dichlor

Short Description:

  • Other Names: SDIC, NaDcc, DccNa
  • CAS No.: 51580-86-0
  • Formula: C3N3O3Cl2Na
  • Appearance: White granule
  • Molecular weight: 255.98
  • Chlorine content: 55%min
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    Basic Information

    Sodium dichloroisocyanurate Dihydrate, also known as SDIC, is a commonly used disinfectant with 55%min chlorine content. SDIC has high efficiency, stable performance is harmless to the human body, and has a slight chlorine odor. It has strong oxidation and a strong killing effect on various pathogenic microorganisms such as viruses, bacterial spores, and fungi.

    Granular 8 ~ 30mesh, 20 ~ 60mesh, 20 ~ 40mesh (or decided by customer)
    PH(1% solution) 5.5-7.0
    EINECS No. 220-767-7
    Chlorine content 55% min
    Place of Origin China
    Usage Disinfection Chemicals, Water Treatment Chemicals
    Brand Name XINGFEI
    Appearance Granular
    UN No. 3077
    Class 9

    Product Feature

    (1) Dichlor has strong disinfection and sterilization effect. At 20ppm, the sterilization rate reaches 99%. In addition to killing bacteria, algae, fungi, and bacteria, it also has a strong antibacterial effect.

    (2) Dichloro has a wide range of applications. It is not only used for food and beverage processing and drinking water disinfection, but also for cleaning and disinfecting public places, industrial circulating water treatment, household hygiene disinfection, and aquaculture disinfection.

    (3) Our dichloride granules have high availability of chlorine. Even in the aqueous solution with water temperature as low as 4 ° C, it can quickly release all available chlorine contained in it, so that its disinfection and sterilization effect can be fully utilized.

    (4) SDIC is solid and can be made into white powder, granules and tablets, which is convenient for packaging and transportation, as well as the selection and use of users.


    COVID-19 Environmental Disinfectant
    Drinking water, swimming pool, tableware, and air, fight against infectious diseases,
    Silkworms, livestock, poultry, and fish,
    Prevent wool from shrinkage, bleach the textile and clean the industrial circulating water.

    Product certificate

    REACH, BPR, BSCI, NSF, CPO member

    Shipping time

    Within 4~6 weeks


    From 0.5kg to 1000kg big bag(or requested by customer)

    SDIC 60%min disinfection dichlor manufacturer producer high effective (6)

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