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Melamine cyanurate (MCA) is a tasteless and greasy white powder. It is an environment-friendly halogen-free nitrogen flame retardant lubricant, which is mainly used in thermoplastic engineering plastics.

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Technical data sheet—TDS

Name: melamine cyanurate (MCA)
Molecular formula: C6H9N9O3
Molecular weight: 255.2
Specific gravity: 1.60 ~ 1.70 g / cm3;


CAS No:37640-57-6
Alias: Melamine cyanuric acid; Melamine cyanurate (ester); Melamine cyanuric acid; Melamine cyanurate; Halogen free flame retardant MPP; Melamine pyrophosphate
Molecular formula: C3H6N6·C3H3N3O3, C6H9N9O3
Molecular weight: 255.20
Density: 1.7 g / cm3

Product feature and application

The products can be widely used in rubber, nylon, phenolic resin, epoxy resin, acrylic lotion, polytetrafluoroethylene resin and other olefin resins as flame retardant components. The finished products can be used as materials and parts with high flame retardant insulation grade, and materials with excellent lubrication effect can be used as lubricants. The lubrication performance is better than molybdenum disulfide, but its price is only 1 / 6 of that. MCA is non-toxic and has no physiological damage. It can make the skin dense and smooth. It has good adhesion to the skin. It can be used to prepare skin cosmetics and paint matting agent. In addition, the coating film of MCA can be used as antirust lubricating film, film remover for steel wire drawing and stamping, and lubricating film for ordinary mechanical transmission parts. MCA can also be combined with PTFE, phenolic resin, epoxy resin and polyphenylene sulfide resin to form composite materials, which can be used in lubricating materials with special requirements


Shipping time: Within 4~6 weeks.
Business terms: EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF.
Payment terms: TT/DP/DA/OA/LC

Package and Storage

Package: packed in woven bags lined with plastic bags, with a net weight of 20kg per bag.
Storage: store in a dry and well ventilated warehouse.

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