• Competitive PriceCompetitive Price

    Competitive Price

    Take over 50% of SDIC, 30% of TCCA China real production and exporting quantity, together 500+ clients selected, make our price most competitive.

  • Superior QualitySuperior Quality

    Superior Quality

    Quality supervision of the whole process from raw materials, manufacturing, finished product, packaging, warehousing till container loading.

  • On-Time DeliveryOn-Time Delivery

    On-Time Delivery

    A mature supply chain system and self-owned freight forwarder ensure the ON-TIME-DELIVERY rate reaches 95%.

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Why Choose Us

  • We produce SDIC TCCA from the year 2009

    The biggest SDIC producer in China, take over 50% of whole China's exporting. The middle-size TCCA producer and take over 30% of whole China's exporting.

  • Professional R&d Team

    The boss is chemist, Personal designing and producing SDIC/TCCA/CYANURIC ACID for over 30 years.
    New production technology and machinery input always.
    All kinds of usage application researching and promotion.
    New products with our own patents are in the market every year.

  • Strict Quality Control Process

    Quality control during the whole process including raw materials, middle products, finished products, packaging, warehousing , container loading , with all measures.
    SGS test report every 6 months.
    ISO, BPR, REACH, NSF, BSCI, IIAHC, NSPF valid, and other certifications are continuously updated.

  • Partner

    Customers in over 70 countries and over 500 clients now, professional service team with NSPF certificated CPO, interact with clients within 24 hours .

  • Sample&Package

    Free sample available. Diversified and/or customized packing available.

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